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EnMax boasts a team of exceptionally skilled technicians adept at installing a wide array of UPS units from major brands, offering comprehensive turnkey operations for seamless installations. Additionally, our services encompass the efficient removal of diverse UPS systems, including responsible battery removal and disposal solutions.

In our commitment to sustainability, EnMax collaborates with leading battery manufacturers, ensuring access to a vast array of replacement cells. We facilitate on-site battery replacements, swiftly restoring system functionality.

Compliance with environmental regulations is paramount to us. EnMax diligently coordinates the transportation and disposal of waste batteries, adhering strictly to the guidelines outlined in our Environmental Management System (EMS), compliant with the Control of Pollution Act 1989.

Recognizing the pivotal role of batteries within Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or Standby Power Systems, we emphasize proactive maintenance. Design life projections necessitate strategic replacements—typically, a five-year design life battery might require replacement by year four, and a ten-year design life battery by year seven. While automated testing is commonplace, our meticulous approach involves visual inspections and comprehensive on-site testing for unparalleled accuracy.

EnMax's rigorous battery maintenance program involves on-site testing to evaluate and document battery set performance and availability. Our meticulous assessments encompass individual cell condition, total battery capacity, and the remaining dependable operational life, ensuring reliability at every step.

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